• 8 Channels of RGB Common Anode LED Drive with current control 
  • 8 Auto/Manual Switch Inputs
  • I2C Connection
  • RS485 Connection
  • Current Set Header


Designed for use with BrewTroller firmware, but could be reconfigured for other control systems.


To set the current limiting for the RGB LEDs the following table applies to the IREF header.

WARNING: It’s not recommended to exceed 15mA per channel without adding a heat sink to the LED driver chip.

Jumpers               Current

I1+I2                      15mA

I1+I3                      20mA

I2+I3                      25mA

I1+I2+I3                30mA

I1                            5mA

I2                            10mA

I3                            15mA

I4                            2mA


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I2C 8 Channel RGB Controller

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